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FVM Factory

FVM Factory is an open source project. It offers Win32 tools supporting Forth Virtual Machine (FVM) development.

Using FVM Factory, you can add a Forth-like interpreter into your embedded application. The FVM instruction set can be easily customised. You can add/remove instructions as required, while the cross-compiler (named FVM Console) will keep track of that.

The created FVM is written in ANSI C language. Tokens or pre-compiled functions (scripts) can be invoked from C code.

FVM Factory creates 16-bit FVMs with indirect threading code. FVM bytecodes can be 1-byte, 2-bytes and 3-bytes long. Typically a compiled FVM occupies about 2K of program memory.

Currently FVM Factory does not have code specific to any particular microcontroller. Thus, it is suitable for any microcontroller.

Create a custom FVM using token compiler FVM_factory.exe

Token compiler converts token's description file into a set of C source files. It creates appropriate C function declarations and their calls. If a declared C function exists in the repository std_tokens.c, token compiler copies its content from the repository into a source file. If source files already have C code, token compiler copies matched C functions into output files; that facilitates incremental development.

FVM Factory

Edit your custom tokens (C functions) in the generated files as required.

Create a custom cross-compiler FVM_console.exe

Source files generated by the token compiler are combined with other source files in the Console directory. Then Dev-C++ compiles them into a Windows console application FVM_console.exe. It becomes a cross-compiler and a debugger for your custom FVM.

FVM console

Create and debug FVM scripts using FVM_console.exe

Write your FVM scripts, compile and debug them using FVM_console.exe. Script language is a simplified Forth. FVM_console.exe has extensive error checking and an embedded help system which is aware of your custom tokens. Cast compiled scripts into a C source file as a byte array FVM_code.c.

FVM scripts

Compile your target application

Combine FVM source files with your application and compile them.

FVM target

Read more: FVM Factory overview (pdf ~120k)

Download FVM Factory from SourceForge